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Serving agricultural and industrial customers worldwide from our own subsidiaries in Europe, United States, Canada and Africa.

NNZ is a multinational company active in the marketing of packaging materials for agricultural and industrial products


Ever since 1922, NNZ has been 100% a family firm, though with the emphasis very much on the company activities. NNZ currently has 24 own branches in 18 countries, as well as an international network of companies with whom we collaborate in more than 50 countries all over the world, both in the development of products and markets and in terms of purchase and sales. NNZ sells packaging materials for the fruit and vegetable sector and industrial markets worldwide. We serve our customers in our market segments with “The right people, simple structure and ‘follow-up’ culture”. We are successful because of knowledge sharing, efficient processes, differentiated products, clear sourcing strategy to ensure the right price, and strong technology and digital presence,  Our core belief: “Reshaping packaging is reshaping the world”.

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Retail packaging for produce

Our focus

  • Product focus: fruits and  vegetables
  • Client focus: packers serving retail clients, international retailers
  • Packaging type: differentiated products with focus on: trays, film, bags and netting, made from plastic, paper, cellulose, fibres, cardboard and wood


Our approach

Packaging plays a crucial role in avoiding food waste and keeping your produce fresh. Fresh produce presents a unique challenge for packaging materials as fruit and vegetables continue to respire after harvesting. Matching the correct packaging to the product is vitally important to extending shelf life. Produce packaging plays different roles in business-to-business (B2B) and retailer-to-consumer delivery (B2C) In urban areas, produce loss occurs mostly during the retailer-to-consumer exchange, and in rural areas, more produce is lost from farms to retailers. In both situations, reducing food waste by extending produce shelf life is critical. Consumers, retailers and growers are all looking for sustainable packaging solutions that produce less waste and offer a more environmentally-friendly option, without compromising pack quality. NNZ has a broad standard portfolio to pack your fruits and vegetables to cover these needs. In addition, we invest in innovation and can assist you to make a fact based choice your sustainable packaging portfolio.

Warehouse net packaging

Transport packaging for fresh produce 

Our focus

  • Product focus: packaging materials for large volumes of produce (potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, fruits…)
  • Client focus: farmers and packers
  • Packaging type: differentiated products with focus on: mesh bags, burlap (jute, hessian) bags, (ventilated)bulk bags, PP woven bags, paper bags, Top-Guard, Liqui-sorb, pallet netting and corner board.


Our approach

The logistics of transporting fresh produce is very complex, packaging plays a crucial role to extend shelf life. Fresh produce presents a unique challenge for packaging materials as fruit and vegetables continue to respire after harvesting. Matching the correct packaging to the product is vitally important to extending shelf life. The logistics of transporting large volumes of potatoes and vegetables is very complex, and NNZ works together with growers and farmers so that the produce can make it to the end user in perfect condition. We take into account packaging, temperature, humidity, and other factors to ensure the produce stays fresh and intact.

Potatoes and onions, cabbage, turnips, citrus, and some specialty items are typically packed in mesh bags. In addition to its low cost, mesh has the advantage of uninhibited air flow. Good ventilation is particularly beneficial to onions. For export of potatoes burlap bags are still the packaging material of choice as these have the advantages of superior moisture absorbance, good ventilation and being soft to the skin of the potatoes. Ventilated bulk bags are most efficient for storage of produce like potatoes and carrots.

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Industrial packaging for feed, food and non-food

Our focus

  • Product focus: food a.o. milk powder, animal feed, chemical products (incl.fertilizers), building materials
  • Client focus: producers of human food, petfood, animal feed and chemical companies
  • Packaging type: differentiated products with focus on: bulk bags (FIBC), PP woven bags, paper bags, net bags, cotton bags, film bags, mesh bags, pallet netting and cornerboard


Our approach

Packaging is an important link between producers and end users. We are happy to advise customers on efficient purchasing, storage and logistics. At our industrial department we develop and market packaging for the food and animal feed industry and sectors such as chemicals, pharmacy and construction. We’re happy to help develop packaging concepts that add value to every link in the chain. From efficient processing and maximum protection during transport to an eye-catching presentation for the consumer.


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