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Transport packaging for produce

Our clients: farmers and packers of larger volumes of produce.

We work together with growers and farmers so that the produce can make it to the end user in perfect condition.


We serve farmers and packers with packaging materials for larger volumes of produce (potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, fruits …), often designated for export.

We have a broad portfolio to cover your needs, which includes mesh bags, burlap (jute, hessian) bags, (ventilated) bulk bags, PP woven bags, paper bags, Top-Guard, Liqui-Sorb, pallet netting and corner board.

We invest in innovation and can assist you to make a fact-based choice for your sustainable packaging portfolio, that produces less waste and offers more environmentally-friendly options, without compromising quality.

We know the logistics of transporting fresh produce is very complex, packaging plays a crucial role to extend shelf life. Fresh produce presents a unique challenge for packaging materials, as fruit and vegetables continue to respire after harvesting. Matching the correct packaging to the product is vitally important to extending shelf life. The logistics of transporting large volumes of potatoes and vegetables is very complex, and we work together with growers and farmers so that the produce can make it to the end user in perfect condition. We take into account packaging, temperature, humidity, and other factors to ensure the produce stays fresh and intact.

Potatoes and onions, cabbage, turnips, citrus, and some specialty items are typically packed in mesh bags. In addition to its low cost, mesh has the advantage of uninhibited air flow. Good ventilation is particularly beneficial to onions. For export of seed potatoes burlap bags are still the packaging material of choice as these have the advantages of superior moisture absorbance, good ventilation and being soft to the skin of the potatoes. Ventilated bulk bags are most efficient for storage of produce like potatoes and carrots.


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