Paper film on reel

Paper film on reel for form fill and seal machines includes different material structures: Paper-Vento® which are certified biobased, biodegradable, industrial compostable or recyclable with paper, Paper-Vento® Now grade, and our licensed Bag-2-Paper™ grade.

Typical content packed in: Paper film on reel

  • Onions
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes

Product details in brief

Paper Vento®, standard grade

Paper grades for vertical form fill and seal applications are heat seal coated with ‘Green’ polyethylene (PE) or Sustainex. The window is made from either film (PLA) or netting (PE, PLA or Bafatex). The resulting Paper-Vento® grades are certified biobased, biodegradable, industrial compostable or recyclable with paper.

Paper-Vento®, with grip

Paper-Vento® design with integrated grip is a biobased product with a starch based netting window, using FSC certified paper and water based print. This Paper-Vento® design is certified biobased, biodegradable and EN11432 certified industrial compostable.

Paper-Vento®, NoW™ grade

Paper-Vento® with NoW™ technology is classified as plastic-free on the basis of the SUP (Single use plastic) directive in force since 07/03/21. This is supported by the main certifications accredited at an international scale (ATICELCA Method MC 501 - UNI 11743 Class "A"), valid throughout Europe and in the United States, and qualify for the Western Michigan University recycling certification. Paper-Vento® with NoW™ technology has a cellulose hydrate window and is made from raw materials obtained from renewable sources, which are guaranteed by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).


The Bag-2-Paper® technology allows for adhesive sealing instead of heat sealing of pillow bags at 60 packs per minute. The Bag-2-Paper® is perfectly suited for high flexibility when using small runs of different designs. The paper, high tack adhesive label and double sided adhesive tape are assembled on a Jasa Bag-2-Paper®-machine into a pillow bag style. Bag-2-Paper® is commonly used to pack up to 1,5 kg weight of moist fresh produce (typically onions and potatoes).

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