Firewood 02004 Net Bag Woven NNZ

Log-Lift® ventilated FIBC and Snap-Log® net bags for firewood

NNZ has a broad portfolio of packaging materials for storage, transportation and drying of firewood. Many years of experience in the sector allowed us to develop new packaging concepts. Our specialties include ventilated Log-Lift® FIBC’s and UV-stabilized netbags with Snap-Log®. Please be invited to check out our portfolio for wood logs in our NNZ  Firewood App. You can also ask for a quotation in our App.


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NNZ netbags with SnapLog closing system speeds up the firewood packing process by 10%

The Log-Lift®is made from UV proof material and is therefore suitable for outdoor drying. It is also ideal for use in indoor drying chambers.
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