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NNZ research: 'Consumer buying behavior soft fruit packaging'

What do consumer say and what do they actually buy?

NNZ is continuously looking for ways to react even more effectively to customer requirements regarding consumer packaging. NNZ conducted a large-scale survey, the purpose being to answer the following questions:

  • Sustainability and sustainable packaging, what do consumers know and understand in that sense?
  • How do users react to communication on packaging with regard to sustainability?
  • What are the main emotional and rational purchasing criteria for strawberry and blueberry packaging options?
  • Which sustainable packaging concepts will consumers buy in a purchasing simulation?

We presented the results of the consumer insights for strawberry packaging at the European Packaging Forum in Dusseldorf. We are more than happy to share the details of our approach, findings and results of the survey, just let us know!

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Innovation at NNZ means developing a sustainable packaging portfolio for you, using our fact based #Rethink method guided by a Reinvent, Redesign, Research and Recycle approach.
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