Pallet stabilisation

  • pallet net

Cornerboards stabilize pallets and are made from cardboard, aluminium coated cardboard and plastic. 
Knitted pallet net, the standard quality is HDPE knitted pallet wrap for maximum containment of unsteady loads (18-20% elongation). Elongated pallet netting, made of 100% LLDPE with up to 80% elongation. due to the elongation less netting is needed, providing less roll change.

Extruded pallet netting is for maximum containment of unsteady loads. The netting can be applied as a wrap around pallets or with a snake technique through the palletized product for a firm hold. StretchNet® pallet wrap is able to up to 20% stretch during application, allowing fewer wraps per pallet.

Slip sheets are used to stabilize pallets during transport. Less palletizing glue and stretch film is needed.

  • corner boards
  • pallet net
  • pallet net
  • slip sheets