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Love for onions

Date: 24 June 2020

Here at NNZ we love onions and think they are often understated, we have been supporting the UK onion growers with net bags and tubular nets for many years and we are loving working with our growers and producers.

NNZ were formed in 1922 and remain a family owed business, we supply a great range of fruit, vegetable packaging not to mention a wider range of packaging options.

Despite the challenges of Covid 19 we have found ways to stay open for business for all our lovely packers and growers to ensure we can help to keep them packing the national favourite produce.

We are celebrating national onion day on June 27th #NationalOnionDay and thought you may love these interesting facts about this amazing product, not to mention the handy tip on onions for coughs and cold in the below which is very apt in the current climate.

We would love to hear how you enjoy your onions and we are always keen to try out a new recipe with onions.

If you want to learn more about packaging solutions and facts on how packaging can affect the environment and different options available for your business please speak to our team.

Contact NNZ UK on the following email if you want to know more about our range of packaging email: info@nnzuk.co.uk, telephone: +44 (0)1332 696966

NNZ open for Business!

Know your onions?
Not many people know that the humble onion is a member of the Lilly family, albeit we all know it forms the basis of so many delicious dishes. If the onion has a more pungent flavour such as e.g. yellow onions, they will normally keep longer than onions that have a sweeter taste profile, for example white onions, this is because the compounds that produce the sharp taste are natural preservatives as well. Did you know that the uk tonnage is 450,000 tonnes per year? That's a lot of onions, and we have the growers in Lincolnshire, East & West Anglia, Bedfordshire and Kent to thank for most of our locally UK grown onions. In fact the uk dedicates about 10,000 hectares to onion growing each year, ready for the us to eat, which is lucky really as the average UK person consumes a whopping 9kg of onions per a year

Protect your onions!
Onions should be stored at room temperature, away from bright light and in a well ventilated area and definitely away from potatoes, this is because they will absorb the onions moisture and ethylene gas, which would causing potatoes to spoil more easily. Also don't ever store you yummy cooked onions in a metal bowl or storage container, unless you want them to discolour. Unlike some other vegetables freezing chopped onions will cause them to lose much of their flavour.

History of Onions
It is reported that after the fall of the Roman Empire, when Europe entered into Dark and Middle ages, the simple onion became one of the main sources of food for the entire population! At that time onions were not just used for food they were also heavily used as a medicinal remedy, because of this they could often be more valuable than money. Although that may not be the case today the extensive health benefits of onions remain albeit they are frequently unknown.

As well as the general health benefits onions have been knows as a potent aphrodisiac, alongside being referenced in ancient Hindu and Greek texts, the Egyptians Pharaohs' celibate priests were even forbidden to be consume onions because, of fears of the potential effects on their libido! Not to mention that in the cuisine capital of the world France, it was once a custom for newlyweds to be served onion soup on the morning after their wedding night, and they certainly know the food of love!

Dont cry over Onions!
Onions are known for making people cry but need not make you burst into tears. To remain dry eyed there are ways of chopping onions: chewing gum, lighting a candle or putting a slice of bread in your mouth before you begin are the suggestions that some claim does the trick every time. While top chefs such as Aldo Zilli and Gordon Ramsay advise that you chop onions under cold running water, or splash white vinegar over the cutting board prior to mounting their attack.

Healthy onions?
A Humble onion is quite simply an all-encompassing multi-talent; they support brain fitness, can be impactful in helping to prevent cancer, fighting anxiety and even depression, not to mention that it's also reported to act as a natural probiotic and sleeping pill. To add to that onion extracts are also recognised by World Health Organisation (WHO) as good for providing relief in the treatment of things such as coughs and colds, asthma and even bronchitis. If you suffer from cold feet an onion could become your best friend as if there is a spare onion around – some claim that a rub of freezing toes with an onion is all you need to get the circulation going again.

Other Onion Great Uses
Desperate to get rid of the smell of paint from a newly decorated room simply place a cut onion in its centre. Or after a nasty encounter with a bumble bee at a barbecue, it is said that if you grab one of the onion slices cut ready for your burger, then place it over the area where you got stung it should help ease the soreness of the sting. Although, this trick doesn't treat the sting, it is known to help the pain (if you are severely allergic to bee or other insect stings, be sure to seek medical attention at once).

In winter when the freezing temperatures arrive, go out to your car and rub an onion on the car windscreen, it is said that the sugar from the onion can creates a barrier over the window. It is claimed that the sugar will help to break down the molecules, which in turn favor the melting process, then when you come out in the morning the principle is that there won't be any ice or snow on the screen.

Mixing an onion with oatmeal, and honey in a blender, then spreading the paste on acne and acne scars is known to help if left on for ten minutes before washing the mixture your face.

If you love your onion's as much as we do you could even visit the Onion eating competition! On Saturday 11th September 2021. Register here

The Newent Onion Fayre survived to the early part of the twentieth century when, unfortunately, the war years saw its demise. However in 1996 a group of local people set to work and Newent Onion Fayre was revived as a festival to celebrate local food and drink. The merriment now attracts almost 15,000 visitors each year and is a fantastic crowd-pulling national event.

It has become the largest one-day free to enter festival in the whole of Gloucestershire and the ONLY National Festival to celebrate the magnificient onion.

Onion Nutritional facts :
Fibre - High in dietary fibre
Low in calories - 36cal/100g
Sugar - 5.6g/100g
Starch - nil
Fat Content - nil
Cholesterol - nil
Protein - 1.2g/100g
Carbohydrate - 7.9g/100g
Essential minerals - potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, folic acid, selenium and zinc
Vitamins - Vitamin B and high in Vitamin C

NNZ offers a broad portfolio of packaging materials for onions. These materials include Net bags, Film bags, Trays, Paper bags and Transit packaging. Feel free to contact us for any packaging advise.

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